Start each day right. End each day fulfilled.

Be intentional about how—and where—you spend your time. Never lose another day to distraction.

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Productivity app interface showing a prompt for today's tasks, a daily schedule, and a weekly calendar with tasks and app integrations.

A modern digital planner, for modern digital workers

Sunsama isn't just another calendar or planning app. We've designed every feature to help you effortlessly follow daily planning and shutdown best practices. See your entire day at a glance and reduce context-switching to focus on what's most important, from beginning to end.

Task schedule for the day and a Trello board integration with a list of tasks to be imported into a productivity app.
Calendar with scheduled events and a to-do list including tasks like 'Document customer feedback' and 'Product demo with Jenn'.

Daily planning, automated

Each day, Sunsama guides you through a step-by-step planning ritual, hand-designed to ensure you get the most out of your day, without overworking. Our daily planning process walks you through the five Ps of a perfect day:

Process: Reflect on what you accomplished the previous day
Plan: Decide what you want to get done today
Prioritize: Figure out what can wait
Prepare: Finalize your plan for today
Publish: Share your daily plan to Slack

Turns plans into progress.

As an individual contributor

Whether you’re a designer, engineer, marketer, or any other IC role, Sunsama’s Guided planning helps you set realistic expectations for yourself, and ensure you’re focused on the highest priority tasks.

As a manager

Sunsama’s guided planning ensures that you stay focused on helping empower, unblock, and invest in your team. No more random distractions or non-critical interruptions. Focus, for you and your team.

As a leader

Stay on top of everything by using Sunsama’s focused, daily planning ritual to center yourself, prioritize the highest value work, and keep your team on track. Do your best, so your team can too.