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Sunsama has an absolutely beautiful UI and is so well thought out. Very impressive for a small team of engineers. I've been trying out several apps the past few weeks to manage my time as a full-time student and freelancer (Motion, Reclaim.ai, Clickup, etc) but Sunsama is the winner by far, with just the right capabilities without making the UI too complex. Having a mobile, web app, and desktop app is also incredibly convenient.


I didn’t think I’d pay $16/month for a service like this, but man Sunsama is useful. And the (now) daily emails with recommendations are spot on.

Congrats on the great work so far, keep it up :)


Overall, Sunsama is a dream. There are few tools I've found that have been this intuitive and immediately vital to my daily workflow. Sunsama's now up there with Notion on my "rave to other designers about" list. Thanks, y'all!


Hi, not a question or feature request, but just general feedback that I wasn't sure where else to put.

Just wanted to say that I think Sunsama is great and it's really helping me get myself organised- keep up the great work.

Also, really appreciate the emails from Ashutosh- I like that it's a bit more thoughtful than a generic how-to-be-organised email.

Wishing you nothing but success with this.

Matt Groetelaars

Sunsama is the best workflow tool to manage & plan for productivity that I've experienced in 5+ years of pursuing one.

Brendan Flynn

I have been using Sunsama for 3 days and your email today hit home for me. It has made me realize and appreciate the difference between Sunsama and all the other task management tools I have used over the years…

The difference for me between Sunsama and all the other tools, to take from today’s article, is I am relentlessly pruning the bullsh*t vs using my task management tool as digital library of things I may do one day. I have tasks that have been there for a year, with no date, and they are more there as a reminder to do them one day. I would use tags such as #someday and have a monthly reminder to review my someday/maybe list.

Sunsama forces me to get real and focus on today and align them to my weekly objectives. I have always had as part of my daily review to schedule focus in my calendar. Sometimes I would, other times I would skip it. Sunsama has made planning my day a more enjoyable ritual and one that creates focus. The daily planning in addition to the end of the day shutdown has been a great motivator, so much so, I was literally excited to wake up this morning and plan my day.

I am still in trial mode, however, I suspect that I will be dumping my other tool and become a paid subscriber at the end of the trial. While I think the yearly cost is high comparatively to the other tools out in the market, time is too precious to put a cost on the difference between a $100 a year. The time I am gaining is well worth it.

Keep up the great work, I am loving Sunsama, and I am excited to see what the future holds for the product.

Jayse Hansen

We've tried tons of productivity apps - and team apps - Sunsama 'gets' it. Thanks for making it. The ability to work side by side with the calendar is exactly what is needed. Beautiful design. And so far, everything works just great. After doing just 'okay' with ToDoist, Trello, Notion, Monday, Asana, and spending the last year fighting with Clickup - this is a welcome relief. Very nicely done. We'll keep Notion for docs, and Monday for teams, and have this provide the calm and clarity we need. I do think the pricing is very high, but it's worth it to me. Thanks for creating this amazing app! :-)

Kiran S

By the way, you guys are doing great work in building this product. I have been using many productivity tools over last 15 years. But among all the tools, Sunsama is the first one where I have been noticing actual difference in my life. Its a very well thought out tool in terms of helping to plan one's day and provides all the right methodologies to be focussed on it. Besides the daily review, shutdown and weekly review and planning is amazing. I had tried to do them manually earlier but they never worked out. Somehow the way Sunsama reminds to plan or review at the start of the app helps those things get done. Its like Sunsama helps us to get into atomic habits mode. Personally, it has helped me to have my life in control.

Julia Jones

Sunsama makes it really easy to track my billable hours, prioritize tasks, project my availability to take on new tasks, all while reducing decision fatigue. I have ADHD and I've been overjoyed with the way Sunsama helps me reduce the pain points I experience with executive function at work. I LOVE IT.


It really is and I've definitely told more than one person! It was a very easy decision to subscribe, you guys deserve it for the incredible amount of value you deliver! Sunsama saves me so much time and mental energy since I don't have to switch between apps to get an idea of and execute my workload.


I also want to say thank you for the continued great customer service on your part, and the part of the team. I did a lot of research before choosing sunsama and you guys prove time and again to be true to your values and crafting an incredible product.

Thank you the kind words Alex! I can tell that Sunsama is a really deliberately designed product, so the features that you have prioritized have truly made a positive impact on my work/life. And always happy to wait a little bit longer for a thoughtful reply from another person who cares about that experience 😊 Thanks again and a happy holidays to you this week !


I suffer from anxiety and have been trying to tame the procrastination, shame, guilt cycle for years. I've tried a number of productivity and procrastination tools and this has been the only one that has given me any relief. The relief comes from the understanding that my day is now planned and there is nothing more that I can do or get done; therefore, somehow, I'm less anxious, more organized, and am starting to develop a routine that allows me to be intentional in my work-life balance. The quotes and snippets that you've provided have been eye-opening and impactful to my pivot from "1,000 miles per minute" to deep work and time blocking.

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