Meditations: Outlook


In 2013, Travis and I were a couple years into our professional lives. Our daily work was vastly different. I worked at a tiny startup. Travis was at Deloitte. But we both recognized the same grim reality about our futures.

For the next forty years, we'd sell our time, energy, and attention to our employers. The tool that we'd be stuck with for managing our time was either Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar.

If work was going to be an inextricable part of a fulfilling life, we desperately needed a better way to be thoughtful and intentional with our time, energy, and attention each day.

Fired up, we set out to build a tool that helped you "be thoughtful and intentional with your day". Over the first five years, we stumbled and failed a lot. We launched and relaunched seven different products that took glancing blows at this problem. Luckily, along the way, we spoke to eager early users like you about how you felt at work, how you navigated calendars, meetings, an ever-growing number of SaaS tools, your ambitions, and your desires for fulfillment and balance. In the process, we honed our own intuition, techniques, and philosophies around navigating the work day.

Three years ago, we launched Sunsama as a daily planner that pulled together those philosophies and techniques into a single product. In order to quickly validate the product, we only supported the Google ecosystem and left those of you in the Microsoft ecosystem to fend for yourself.

That ends today!

I'm happy to announce our Microsoft Outlook integrations are live! You can now create your account via 'Sign in with Microsoft' and add as many Outlook calendar or Outlook email accounts as you'd like into Sunsama.

Eight years certainly isn't a record time, but it turns out the world you want to live in can't be built overnight. Thank you for your patience. We so are excited to share this milestone with you. If you rely on Microsoft Outlook for work, I'm optimistic that Sunsama will help you be thoughtful and intentional about how you choose to spend your time, energy, and attention each day.

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